VR series "Back Home - Ghana" released for Quest

VR series

Meta has released a new VR series, "Back Home - Ghana." It showcases the influence of the African diaspora on global culture.

"The African Diaspora covers a community of millions of people—dispersed around the globe, but connected by travel, music, and fashion. They’re descended from families from countries across Africa, speak countless languages, and represent nearly as many cultures", reads the website for Meta's new VR series, "Back Home | Ghana."

The documentary tells the story of African descendants from around the world returning to the continent of their roots. They attend the AfroFuture music festival (formerly Afrochella) in Accra, Ghana. The series is hosted by Jake Obeng-Bediako, the Global Youth Ambassador for Diaspora Affairs in the Office of the Ghanaian President.

Akwaaba (Welcome)

"Back Home | Ghana" consists of three parts, with a total runtime of 56 minutes. The first part is titled Akwaaba (Welcome). In it, artists performing at the festival share their perspectives on Africa and the cultural and economic impact of African minorities in other countries.

The series also addresses how Ghana and other African countries overcame slavery and colonialism in their quest for freedom.

The Return

In the second part, "The Return," well-known personalities who have roots in Ghana but grew up outside the country discuss their feelings about returning. Additionally, viewers experience acts by King Promise, Ayra Starr, and Praye as if they were standing on stage with the artists.

Our Path Forward

The final part, Our Path Forward, focuses on "Afrofuturism." The producers explore how Ghana is leading the country's art, fashion, and technology into the future. Virtual Reality is a crucial medium, as Obeng-Bediako emphasizes:


"People should experience African cultures both sensorially and intellectually, and VR is the closest possible technological substitute to an in-person experience as it transports a user into the setting to almost touch, feel, and sense the experience.

And for a country like Ghana that is aiming to share our art, music, and literature with the world, using VR and technology can help to promote our culture to a global audience."

"Back Home | Ghana" is now available for free on Oculus TV and Horizon Venues. Those interested in Ghanaian culture or who have always wanted to attend the AfroFuture Festival themselves will be well entertained for just under an hour.

The series provides fascinating insights into the country's culture and impressive performances by artists, even though these are limited to just one song each.

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