Discover the World of VR Puppeteering with VRosty's Unique Gameplay

Discover the World of VR Puppeteering with VRosty's Unique Gameplay

An idyllic platformer proves once again the potential of the external perspective in VR. In VRosty, you control a snowman like a puppet.

The concept behind the VR game VRosty is as creative as it is obvious: Why shouldn't gamers be able to guide their jump-'n'-run hero through his idyllic ice world like a puppet? Indie developer TomyHorst is currently tinkering with a sensible implementation of such controls.

After the heat wakes the little snowman from a long dream, he needs your help to find the reason for the rise in temperature and to stay cool. Your task is to keep a protective hand over him as he travels through about 30 levels of platforming, both figuratively and literally. His world also features physics-based puzzles and 100 snowflakes to collect per level.

Innovative VR game with puppet controls

"The snowman stays under your hand when you hold down the A button – something like a puppet," the creator explains on Reddit, "You move yourself through the level as a VR puppeteer using the thumb stick and Smooth Locomotion, pulling VRosty along with you."


The trailer shows off desert levels, VRosty's snowball attacks, and twisting puzzles.

A SteamVR version is planned for 2023, and a version for Meta Quest 2 is also already in the works. Strange enough: The developer is not sure yet if he will support hand tracking on Meta's VR headset.

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