VR cinema app "Bigscreen" now with Amazon Prime, Disney+ and more

VR cinema app

A Bigscreen update brings support for Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and more streaming services.

The VR app Bigscreen is designed for shared movie and cinema nights in virtual reality. Users can meet in virtual living rooms and movie theaters and watch blockbusters, 3D movies and TV content together on a big screen. Movie rentals and desktop sharing are also possible.

Bigscreen's goal is to become a comprehensive video media platform. Since April 2022, the VR app has supported YouTube sharing, and the latest update for Meta Quest and PC-VR adds other streaming services: Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Twitch, and PlutoTV.

Requirements for shared Amazon watching

The streaming services are provided by an integrated in-app browser optimized for VR use, ensuring full functionality of the platforms in VR. The feature supports dynamic lighting, whereby the light emitted from the screen is realistically reflected by the surroundings, creating a cinema feeling.

The VR app primarily ensures that content is displayed and synchronized in VR. Bigscreen highlights that unlike in a physical living room, all viewers need to have an active subscription to Amazon Prime or Disney+ and be logged into the services.


Content can vary by region and is only accessible in private rooms. If content is missing from one of the parties, that person will not be able to watch.

More new features in the pipeline

Netflix is still missing, but according to founder and CEO Darshan Shankar, the team is working on a "powerful VR web browser" that will ensure apps and websites work properly. " We’ll look into it," Shankar wrote on Twitter.

In 2023, Bigscreen plans to roll out more websites, games and streaming services. A friends system and Avatars 2.0 are planned for early this year, with hand tracking support to be added later. The company also teased that it is working on a "secret project." So Bigscreen still has a lot up its sleeve.