Vision Pro: XR App lets you decorate your virtual dream home

Vision Pro: XR App lets you decorate your virtual dream home

Turn your living room into an AR jungle with this XR app for Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 VR/AR headsets.

SyncReality, a provider of XR design tools, announces a new app for the yet-to-be-released Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 headsets. “Home Design” lets you place augmented reality elements into your real-life living spaces to create a virtual dream home.

XR app lets you decorate digitally

Late last year, SyncReality already announced a developer tool for creating house-sized VR play spaces. “Our self-customizing design tool allows developers to create seamless experiences for end users to safely navigate and intuitively interact with any virtual world,” SyncReality CEO and founder Cyril Tuschi said at the time.

Now, SyncReality plans to offer Home Design, an XR app that digitally redesigns the living room for end users. Using AI and volumetric sensing technologies from Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro, it will enable realistic placement of augmented reality elements in physical space. The available 3D assets are also said to be customizable through various parameters.

Share your virtual home with your friends

After scanning your physical environment with Vision Pro or Quest 3, the application lets you personalize it with various digital assets. For example, you can add virtual plants or place a waterfall next to the Smart TV.

Once you've finished decorating your virtual living room, you can invite friends to view your work. To do this, you send the finished room scan to your friends, who can then place it in their own environment and create a digital twin of your living room.

SyncRealty's Home Design will be available on Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3 when they are released and will be compatible with iPhones and iPads. However, the digital assets won't be available for free. A companion app will allow users to purchase virtual items for their Home Design library.

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