A new Vision Pro app brings the Google Earth experience to your living room

A new Vision Pro app brings the Google Earth experience to your living room

Spatial Earth is a new app that brings the magic of Google Earth to Vision Pro and into your own four walls.


Spatial Earth makes Google's impressive 3D maps of the world accessible in Vision Pro and projects it into the physical environment. The developers describe the app as follows:

"This app invites you on a captivating journey across the globe, from the comfort of your home. Powered by photorealistic map tiles, Spatial Earth offers an immersive exploration experience, allowing you to navigate through the entire globe including vast landscapes, over 2300 cities and natural wonders in stunning 3D."

Spatial Earth displays a square section of the map and, unlike Google Earth VR, does not offer a fully immersive mode. However, users can zoom in on map sections by using the Vision Pro hand-tracking.


Spatial Earth is available on the App Store for $5.


Alternative on Meta Quest: Wooorld

Google Earth VR for PC VR headsets is still the most immersive and impressive way to experience Google Earth.

For Meta Quest, there is the VR app Wooorld, which works in a similar way to Spatial Earth. The app has been free since October 2023 and offers two paid upgrade tiers (see feature comparison). You can find the app on the Quest Store.

In mid-2023, Google released the Photorealistic 3D Tiles API, which enables the integration of Google Earth's high-resolution 3D maps into proprietary apps, making apps like Spatial Earth possible.