Virtual Desktop gets multi-monitor support on Quest and other standalone headsets

Virtual Desktop gets multi-monitor support on Quest and other standalone headsets

With Virtual Desktop, you can now stream up to three physical or virtual monitors simultaneously, depending on your VR headset.


Developer Guy Godin has released the beta version of Virtual Desktop 1.32.0, which brings multi-monitor support for the first time. Since this is a beta version, you may encounter bugs or stability issues.

The release notes mention the following limitations for multi-monitor streaming:

  • Up to three monitors: Meta Quest 3
  • Up to two monitors: Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro, Pico Neo 3, Pico 4, Vive Focus 3, Vive XR Elite
  • Only one monitor: Meta Quest 1

"On Windows those can be real physical monitors or virtual ones (click below the screen to add/remove monitors). MacOS only supports physical, AirPlay monitors for now; virtual ones will be supported in a future update," the release notes state.

To install Virtual Desktop beta version 1.32.0 on Quest, you'll need to select the beta channel and reinstall the app. You will also need to download and install a beta version of the streamer application (Windows, macOS). Alternatively, you can simply wait for the update to leave the beta status.

You can get the Pico and Vive counterparts of beta 1.32.0 on Github. There, you'll also find the full release notes.


The beta 1.32.0 also brings keyboard passthrough support on Quest (with the keyboards Meta supports), an increase in the max desktop bitrate to 120 Mbps (total for all monitors) and fixes many compatibility issues with VDXR.

VDXR bypasses the SteamVR runtime, freeing up about 10 percent more PC VR performance.


What is Virtual Desktop?

Virtual Desktop is the oldest and most mature solution for desktop and VR streaming from a PC to standalone headsets, offering numerous customizable settings and features that the free alternatives Air Link and Steam Link lack.

You can purchase Virtual Desktop for $20 from the Horizon Store, Pico Store and Viveport.

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