Major update for PC VR hit Vertigo 2 adds exciting new features

Major update for PC VR hit Vertigo 2 adds exciting new features

The Bottomless Update introduces three new features that will enhance the replayability and longevity of one of the best VR games of the year.

The shooter by solo developer wunderkind Zach Tsiakalis-Brown received much praise from the press earlier this year. Our tester Jan was also impressed. He summed it up in his Vertigo 2 review:

"There's no crafting or waymarkers in this homage to Half-Life, just challenging gunfights with gorgeous weapon handling, varied puzzles, and endearingly dorky humor. Action fans with PC VR headsets should not miss this insane trip!"

The VR game was due to be released for Playstation VR 2 in October, but was postponed shortly before release. However, the publisher has promised that it will still launch this year.

New features add more variety to the gameplay

According to Tsiakalis-Brown, the "Bottomless Update" is a major, and final, content update for the VR game and contains three new features that bring more variety and improve the longevity of Vertigo 2.

The first new feature are mutators, which modify the gameplay. Some make the game harder, some easier and some are just silly, writes the developer. Some randomize enemies, while others speed up gameplay by 30 percent and these are just two examples. Mutators can be combined at will for maximum chaos.


The second feature lets you play through the game with three new characters that offer unique abilities. With Brian, Vertigo 2 becomes a fast-paced boomer shooter with collectable health and ammo. With Officer 13, you play as a robot with a holographic HUD and damage indicators. And in the role of the alien Nani, you have magic attacks as well as mental abilities such as levitation and telekinesis.

Level editor for creators

Finally, the update brings a level editor that lets you create your own worlds directly in VR and share them with others via an integrated sharing platform. Beginners can even load and modify levels from the campaign if they wish to do so. Downloadable levels from the community should provide a wave of new content, while a selection of the best levels from the beta will be available at launch.

The trailer above gives a good impression of the new features. Now we just have to hope that some of these features find their way into the PSVR 2 version. The Bottomless Update will be released on November 10th.

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