Venture's Gauntlet releases today on Quest, Pico & Steam

Venture's Gauntlet releases today on Quest, Pico & Steam

Venture's Gauntlet is an action platformer that takes you to dizzying heights. It launches today on Quest, Pico, and Steam.


In Venture's Gauntlet, you take on the role of a potential heir to aging billionaire Adam Venture. To prove yourself a worthy successor, you must survive a series of deadly obstacle courses known as Venture's Gauntlet.

The game uses a locomotion system called "TrueMotionVR" where you run, climb and swing using arm movements. Your journey will take you through nine intense stages inspired by the Scottish Highlands. You will conquer giant cliffs, explore the depths of the earth and climb crumbling castles. Dynamic time and weather simulation brings the world to life.

The game features a calibration that adjusts the obstacles to your height and arm length to ensure an optimal experience for all players. Online leaderboards allow you to compete with others for the best times on each stage.

Venture's Gauntlet will be released on May 23rd in the App Lab and on Pico. The game will leave Early Access on Steam at the same time.



Venture's Gauntlet was developed by Bearhammer Games. It has been working on the game for two years.

The game was first released as a demo during Steam Next Fest 2022 under the title "Adventure Fitness VR". In 2023, the game was released in Early Access on Steam under the new name Venture's Gauntlet. Since then, the studio has optimized the title for standalone VR headsets and improved the gameplay, graphics, and story.