Valve approved Half Life 2 mod launches 2022

Valve approved Half Life 2 mod launches 2022

You can check out our Half-Life 2 VR preview here.

The long wait for Half-Life 2 VR will soon come to an end, the development director promises in a video podcast.

The VR mod was announced in 2017 and approved by Valve, but was stuck for a long time after that, as important developers unexpectedly dropped out. It wasn't until 2021 that the development got moving again thanks to new talent.

Half-Life 2 VR is being implemented for virtual reality with a lot of care and attention to detail. It offers new VR features like hand controls and finger tracking, a weapon selection like in Half-Life: Alyx and settings against motion sickness.

The last major update on the state of the game was in mid-May. The closed beta is running and has brought new bugs to light that the team is working on fixing. A video (see below) also shows the latest progress. These include:

  • a tunnel view as well as an outside view during driving sequences, if desired
  • an (optional) laser pointer for weapons for easier aiming
  • an alternative throwing mode for grenades, which allows more precise aiming
  • new hand poses for weapons (crowbar, pistol)

Half-Life 2 VR: New insights into development

Recently, there has been a video podcast that focuses on PC VR mods, their developers and the community.

In yesterday's second episode of the so-called modcast (see Youtube video below), the team leader of Half-Life 2 VR made a guest appearance. Wormslayer reviews the eventful history of the VR mod, talks in detail about the features of Half-Life 2 VR and goes into detail about the planned release date towards the end.


He confirms that the mod will be released in Early Access later this year. They hope to release it by the original's 18th birthday in November, but it could come out a bit earlier, according to Wormslayer.

Valve wants to see the VR mod

The biggest hurdles have been taken and now the implementation of the rest of the weapons is being worked on. Before the release, the mod must also be viewed and approved by Valve, according to the agreement. Half-Life 2 VR, like Black Mesa, will get its own Steam page and can then be installed with one click. This should facilitate the distribution of the VR mod.

More information is available on the official website of the project. There you can also find a FAQ and a list of all those involved. The lead programmer is German developer Holger Frydrych, who has made a name for himself in the PC VR community with a number of previous works. Among other things, he developed the VR Performance Toolkit, which improves the performance of PC VR games.