A prototype of the viral PC game Unrecord is already playable in VR, thanks to a mod

A prototype of the viral PC game Unrecord is already playable in VR, thanks to a mod

An Unrecord demo from the year 2022 is playable in virtual reality, as a video shows. This is made possible by Praydog's universal UE mod.

Last week, a trailer for the upcoming PC game Unrecord went viral. The video was viewed nearly 80 million times on Twitter alone.

Unrecord is a tactical FPS that tells the story of a police officer from the perspective of his body cam. The impressive photorealism of the title is due to its video aesthetic and other optical tricks that play with perspective, among other things.

The PC game is in early development and is not expected to be released this year. The studio is currently looking for publishers and investors to support the development.

"Gorgeous" VR visuals thanks to Nanite and Lumen

In late 2022, the studio released a prototype demo that now runs in virtual reality thanks to Praydog's upcoming Universal UE VR mod. A YouTube video from the Flat2VR channel shows what the demo looks like in VR.

The video's creator writes on Twitter that the demo uses UE5's Lumen and Nanite technologies, looks "absolutely gorgeous in VR", and runs surprisingly well too. No PC specs are mentioned.

Gorgeous visuals or not: the demo doesn't come close to the look of the Unrecord trailer, which shows a more advanced version of the game. However, the first VR test gives us hope that the finished game will be playable in VR when it is released.

The question, of course, will be whether the video aesthetic of the PC game translates well to VR and has the same visual impact. Unrecord looks so realistic because it looks like shaky bodycam video, not a recreation of a human perspective.

Praydog's Universal UE mod is also not released yet. You can read more about the Universal Unreal Engine VR Injector and its current state behind the linked article.