Try on clothes with AR effects at Hilfiger in London, Milan, Berlin

Try on clothes with AR effects at Hilfiger in London, Milan, Berlin

With Zero10's AR mirrors, customers try on clothes without having to change.

Zero10 is an AR platform for fashion. With the company's apps and products, customers try on clothes, some of which are only available as NFTs. The company also offers AR mirrors for fashion retailers. Amazon patented something similar in 2018. Zero10 partnered with Tommy Hilfiger, installing AR mirrors in Tommy Hilfiger stores worldwide as part of the Tommy Hilfiger x Shawn Mendes collection global launch.

The following Tommy Hilfiger stores are home to the AR mirrors until at least April 16:


  • Regent Street in London
  • Kurf├╝rstendamm in Berlin
  • Piazza Guglielmo Oberdan in Milan.

Whether the promotion period extends and more stores follow suit remains uncertain.

Ten digital garments in an AR mirror

Customers can try on ten selected garments from the 28-piece physical collection digitally in the mirrors. Three of the digital garments offer special effects only visible in AR.

"After two years of working on our proprietary technology, it's a significant step to finally bring AR Mirror to the real world to create new experiences for retailers," says George Yashin, CEO of Zero10.

"We believe that working with innovative brands like Tommy Hilfiger will help accelerate change in the industry. In line with our main concept, we believe AR technology can now be used by brands to implement new approaches in their business and reach a new generation of customers. Our next step will be to introduce AR storefronts and interactive points of sale."

Sources: Fashion Network