Try Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game for free on Quest 2

Try Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game for free on Quest 2

You can now test Ghost Signal, the VR spin-off of the popular strategy game Stellaris, for free on Quest 2 and Quest Pro.

Can an action-packed rogue-lite tactical game set in the Stellaris universe work in virtual reality? If you're wondering if Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game is for you, you can now try out the VR game for Meta Quest 2 (review) and Quest Pro (review) for free.

Fast Travel Games' title has been available in the Quest Store since March 23. In addition to the $19.99 purchase option, you can now also find the blue "Get free trial" button there. If you select "Accept and download", you can play the game for 30 minutes for free.

Free demo for Stellaris spin-off on Quest 2

In the last step, you click on the "Install" button and you're ready to go. Meta points out that there are no costs after the free trial expires.

If you purchase the full game after that, just pick up where you left off, Chief Marketing Officer Andreas Juliusson explains on Reddit. "During the free trial period, you will not be able to complete in-app purchases or use add-on content, but all achievements will be preserved," the Store description also states.

As a VR commander, you embark on a quest to find a mysterious ghost signal in Ghost Signal: A Stellaris Game. With the upgradeable spaceship Aurora, you fly through different levels, collect resources, and fight waves of enemy spaceships. Navigate the best route, choose the right weapons, and return fire.


With the optional hand-tracking support, call up menus via hand movement if desired. Our colleague Ben convinced himself of the game's success during the test play at Gamescom. Our detailed test over the weekend will show whether the VR game also conveys the Stellaris feeling over a longer period of time. Or do the repetitions get monotonous too quickly?

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