Trouble in the Metaverse? Meta has something for you

Trouble in the Metaverse? Meta has something for you

The Metaverse is said to consist of many worlds where you can behave badly. Meta is working on a remedy.

With the "Blocking API", Meta wants to combat "unpleasant social experiences" in VR apps: Via the programming interface, studios can adopt and maintain blockings across apps once they have been set up.

Cross-ghosting in the Metaverse

Users of Meta's Oculus platform can block profiles of other users within Meta's ecosystem if they feel harassed or are simply not interested in them.

The Blocking API allows you to block users at the platform level: a block takes effect in all apps that have the Blocking API integrated.

For example, if I block a person on Horizon Worlds, that person can no longer cross my path in Rec Room - if Rec Room Studio uses the Blocking API.

Blocked people are informed about the blocking. They will then no longer be able to add the person blocking them as a friend. The system automatically removes a possible existing friend connection.


In addition, the blocked person can no longer send messages or invitations to events, games or parties to the blocking person. It is also no longer possible to view the activity profile or search for the profile.

Meta appeals to studios to integrate Blocking API

If a VR app already uses its own blocking system, Meta provides blocking API data that developers can use to update their list. Meta does not manually check blocks, and blocked users do not need to take any further action beyond blocking. A block can be reversed by the person blocking.

With the introduction of the Blocking API, Meta is encouraging VR development studios to integrate the interface into their software. The Blocking API creates "continuity and trust" in the Meta community, the company writes.

"By improving the integrity of your app, you contribute to a safe and healthy VR ecosystem and an improved experience for everyone. [...] Thank you for prioritizing the integrity of your app."

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