Tribeca Film Festival 2022 unveils VR/AR program

Tribeca Film Festival 2022 unveils VR/AR program

In 2022, the Tribeca Film Festival will once again offer a film program specifically for VR and AR. You can experience the works on site and online.

In 2020, the Tribeca Film Festival had to suspend due to a pandemic, so organizers streamed a selection of their immersive festival program for free on Oculus TV. Back in June 2021, the New York event returned to a physical event, which will take place in hybrid form again in 2022.

Now simply called the Tribeca Festival, the event will take place June 8-19, 2022, with the VR and AR "Tribeca Immersive" program taking place June 10-19 at New York's Spring Studios, as well as across other locations.

Meanwhile, the participating virtual reality and augmented reality projects have been revealed, in the categories of "Main Competition," "New Voices" as well as "Best of Season."

Tribeca Immersive Showcase on Man, Nature, Society

For the first time, the selection has been narrowed down thematically. It revolves around the relationship of human beings to nature and society. The theme is explored with the help of digital art and advanced technology. The individual stories will relate to each other to take viewers on an immersive interactive journey.

The main award is for those artists who "bridge the gap between technology and storytelling." The new award for "New Voices" is for creators of a first or second work: Their contribution should additionally enrich the immersive narrative with new perspectives and their own artistic expression.

Tribeca Immersive 2022 Selection

Main Competition

  • Evolver
  • Intravene
  • Kubo Walks the City
  • Missing Pictures: Episodes 3 - 5
  • Mushroom Cloud NYC/ RISE
  • Please, Believe Me
  • ReachYou
  • Zanzibar: Trouble in Paradise

New Voices

  • Black Movement Library - Movement Portraits
  • Emerging Radiance: Honoring the Nikkei Farmers of Bellevue
  • Iago: The Green Eyed Monster
  • LGBTQ+ VR Museum
  • Limbotopia
  • Mescaform Hill: The Missing Five
  • Planet City VR
  • Plastisapiens
  • This is Not a Ceremony

Best in Season

  • Container
  • End of Night
  • Exhibition A
  • Glimpse

Tribeca Immersive curator Ana Brzezińska explains, "Each experience presented at Tribeca’s immersive exhibition encompasses a standalone reality, represents a cause, or serves as an embassy to a world where users have agency — a chance to act: bear witness, make a statement, reach out, or simply play."


Once again, the extraordinary VR Museum of other Realities serves as the virtual venue for the hybrid concept. The museum is accessible with PC VR headsets as well as Oculus Quest via Oculus Link or Air Link.

After downloading the PC VR app for free, you'll be able to purchase a standard ticket to the special virtual exhibition starting May 2. Admission starts at $20 depending on the package. To visit the immersive exhibition on site, you'll pay about $82.

In addition, the Cannes XR VR film festival will take place this year from May 17-25. The venue here is the Metaverse app Alexandria, which is being developed for Steam and Oculus Quest. Read more about the festival and the app being developed in cooperation with VeeR and Kreis here.

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