Transformers Beyond Reality for PSVR: Side by side with giants

Transformers Beyond Reality for PSVR: Side by side with giants

The VR game Tranformers Beyond Reality deliberately doesn't put you in the role of an Autobot. Instead, you fight alongside him.

Transformers fans with a PlayStation VR can immerse themselves in the world of the transformable fighting robots starting Thursday. In Transformers Beyond Reality, however, you deliberately don't slip into the role of a giant yourself. Instead, you fight as a human side by side with the friendly "Autobots."

Developer Meta4 Interactive also experimented with direct control of the steel giants during development. But that view just wouldn't have conveyed the right proportions. Instead, it was much more impressive to stand next to the gigantic metal colossi as a small human.

Tranformers Beyond Reality: Exclusively for PlayStation VR

Therefore, as a human fighter, you automatically drive behind the Autobots in a small car to support them in the fight against the sneaky Decepticons. The Move controllers are a must have here. You'll use them to operate various guns, knock projectiles back at hovering drones and duck under laser barriers. Tactical gestures to control the Autobots can also be seen in the trailer.

Some familiar names from the movies appear in the game, including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Starscream, Soundwave and Megatron. At first glance, however, the gameplay seems a bit outdated: You only move forward on fixed paths, almost like on rails.

In VR, the arcade concept of the "rail shooter" can nevertheless be surprisingly entertaining. The best examples of this are Rez: Infinite or Yuki. There, the attack waves are designed so beautifully and motivating that the linear action becomes a real rush. This is especially true when using the VR headset, which puts you right in the middle of the colorful fireworks.


Canadian VR studio with tradition

The studio has already been able to gain some VR practice with "Transformers VR Battle Arena". It wants to apply the knowledge gained from the arcade title to the new Transformers VR game, which will be released exclusively for Sony's VR headset.

Some may still know the Montréal-based studio by its old name, Minority Media. Founder Vander Caballero left his former employer Electronic Arts in 2010 to pursue creative ideas in the indie space and distribute games as downloads. In 2012, the surreal adventure game Papo & Yo sensitively dealt with alcohol addiction and its consequences in a family.

Tranformers Beyond Reality will admittedly be quite different, with a focus on action and nostalgia. But the new VR game also fits in with the studio's history: Minority Media tried its hand at virtual reality early on, including the prehistoric time travel experience Time Machine VR from 2016.

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