Track Crafts fun XR races can now be played in multiplayer mode on Quest 3

Track Crafts fun XR races can now be played in multiplayer mode on Quest 3

Now you can race with your friends on Quest 3 through Track Craft's fun mixed reality courses.


Prague based development studio Brainz Gamify has released a new update for its Mixed Reality game Track Craft, which includes several bug fixes and a multiplayer mode. This allows you to compete against friends in time trials in Ghost mode.

There are private rooms where up to six players can take part in races. Multiplayer does not yet have its own voice chat function. You will have to use the native voice chat of the Quest VR headsets. But an in-game voice chat will follow in the coming weeks. You can take a closer look at the new multiplayer feature in the trailer below.

Brainz Gamify has also announced that many more new features are planned for Track Craft next year. As well as a content update, the multiplayer mode will be expanded to include real-time duels, a new challenge system will be introduced and garages for the small cars are also planned.



Track Craft awakens the play instinct in mixed reality

Track Craft is a mixed reality game that awakens the play instinct in adults and demonstrates the potential of mixed reality. You maneuver a small vehicle along a virtual highway that runs through your physical environment. The aim is to negotiate obstacles, loops, half-pipes and tight corners.

In addition to time trials on a variety of creatively designed tracks, you can also create your own tracks in an extensive editor. Track Craft is currently in Early Access and is available via Meta's App Lab for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. The price is $10. You can find the link to the App Lab Store in the source below.

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