Toy Trains doubles content and adds sandbox mode next week

Toy Trains doubles content and adds sandbox mode next week

The cozy VR model train and puzzle game Toy Trains is getting lots of new content and a sandbox mode with the upcoming Infinite Loop update.


Polish studio Something Random, consisting of former Superhot developers, has listened to the feedback of fans and brings a sandbox mode and 12 new levels that continue the story of the VR game with the Infinite Loop update.

The base game includes 10 levels, so the update effectively doubles the content. The sandbox mode allows players to create their own maps.

The Infinite Loop update will be released free of charge on April 18th for all platforms where Toy Trains is available. This includes the Meta Quest Store, the Playstation Store and Steam. The VR game costs $20.


A stress-free VR game, perfect for short bursts of creative fun

Toy Trains was released on January 16, 2024 for Meta Quest, Playstation VR 2, and PC VR headsets. I went hands-on with Toy Trains at the time.

Toy Trains takes you to your grandparents' attic, where you discover a magical model train set. It is populated by tiny people, called Railies, who ask for your help: They want you to connect their miniature worlds with railroad tracks.


As you progress, you will be able to use more sophisticated tracks and build bridges and tunnels, but the logistical challenges will become more difficult. In most cases, there are several possible solutions and the option to decorate the landscapes.

Free from resource management and time pressure, Toy Trains is a relaxing game that invites you to relive your childhood dreams.

I hope the team has made the camera more flexible (my main criticism) and will release a mixed reality mode on Quest at a later date. That would be a perfect match for Toy Trains.