Tin Can: VR escape room with realistic graphics

Tin Can: VR escape room with realistic graphics

Tin Can is a survival simulation game trimmed for realism that puts you in a claustrophobic space rescue capsule.

Having just escaped the exploding spaceship, you are trapped in an ancient escape pod and at the mercy of the whims of the cosmos. With no knowledge of the complex systems on board, your life depends on a technical manual and your wits.

That's the scenario of the PC game Tin Can, which came out in Early Access on Steam in late October and got a VR version on December 22.

The environments are amazingly detailed. | Image: Tin Can Studio

The features an all-new and extra-detailed escape pod designed specifically for virtual reality, hand interactions with all manipulable objects, a number of game mechanics reserved for the VR version, and better textures and lighting effects.

In space, tech support doesn't hear you scream

Tin Can is an exceptional escape room game because it focuses on hardcore realism. Every component of the spaceship is meant to have its own function and be capable of interaction. From fuses and air filters to the oxygen generator and emergency lighting, all systems are interconnected and affect each other. Their maintenance is critical to survival.

Physical ailments are represented by symptoms instead of health bars. For example, a lack of oxygen triggers heavy, rapid breathing, clouds vision, and slows movement.


"With all systems failing, the sound of your heart and shallow breathing is the final indication of approaching death in the dark," the game description reads.

Tin Can VR: survival simulation with no mercy

In Tin Can VR, only silence, a clear mind - and the technical onboard manual will help. Players must find out for themselves where a fault lies, trace it back to its source and, if necessary, dismantle, repair and replace components.

Ein Modulbrand wird mit einem Feuerlöscher gelöscht.

The oxygen generator is on fire. The only thing that helps here is the fire extinguisher. | Picture: Tin Can Studio

Oxygen, carbon, internal pressure and temperature are simulated, as are asteroid impacts, cosmic rays and overheating caused by a flyby of a star. The cosmic hazards can cause complications and system failures unannounced.

If all that doesn't sound too stressful and you're looking for a real challenge, you can buy Tin Can on Steam.