Tim Cook loves to watch Ted Lasso on his Apple Vision Pro

Tim Cook loves to watch Ted Lasso on his Apple Vision Pro

Tim Cook uses his Apple Vision Pro regularly and says the device is more complex to design and manufacture than an iPhone.

Apple's CEO said as much in an interview with CBS Sunday Morning. Host John Dickerson spoke with Cook about Apple's goal to become carbon-neutral, his leadership style, social equality and, of course, the latest Apple products.

The conversation also turned to the Vision Pro, which Apple claims is "the most advanced personal electronic device ever". Apparently, that's exactly why there are rumors of manufacturing problems. Sony is reportedly only willing to supply a limited number of the advanced OLED microdisplays to Apple, which could severely limit the number of units produced.

Still. Tim Cook confirmed last week that Apple Vision Pro remains on track for an early 2024 U.S. release. He reiterated this in his interview with Dickerson.

Apple Vision Pro: "More complex than iPhone"

When asked if the Vision Pro is more complicated and presents more puzzles for Apple than an iPhone, Tim Cook said: "It's more complex, and so it requires innovation in not only the development, but also in the manufacturing."


This should come as no surprise. After all, Vision Pro is an entirely new category of device with its own set of challenges, requiring both the invention of new technical building blocks and the establishment of new manufacturing processes and supply chains.

Tim Cook says he uses Vision Pro on a regular basis, but as Apple's CEO, what else can he say? "I watched the entire third season of Ted lasso on the Vision Pro. And of course, there's some things that I have access to that other people don't have access to," Cook says.

So far, the CEO and other Apple executives have not been photographed wearing the Vision Pro. Some say Apple wants to avoid Internet memes. But there may also be technical reasons. According to an anonymous developer, the feature that shows the user's face on external displays simply does not work yet.