These six top PSVR games deserve ports for PSVR 2

These six top PSVR games deserve ports for PSVR 2

From Astro Bot to Resident Evil 7, there are many PSVR games that could win new fans for the PSVR 2. These are our favorites!


There are plenty of PS4 owners that haven't experienced Sony's first step into virtual reality. Tracking and technology of the first Playstation VR lagged behind the PC VR competition, but Sony still delivered lavishly staged, high-quality VR games that could not be experienced anywhere else. The PSVR 2 is another chance to inspire interest.

In alphabetical order, we list six titles that we would love to experience again on the Playstation VR 2! By the way, we also have a guide explaining how to find PSVR 2 upgrades of PSVR games. Examples of free games include Gorn, After the Fall, Song in the Smoke, and Synth Riders.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission

Astro Bot Rescue Mission from ASOBI! Team and Sony's Japan Studio is pure creativity in virtual reality! The wealth of ideas transforms even Jump 'n' Run into new VR fans. You not only control the lovingly animated robot hero through ingeniously designed platform levels but also intervene in his world with the PS4 controller.

The gamepad in the hand becomes a water cannon or a rope cannon to hurl the protégé up a hill with momentum. The fascination that comes from the search for scattered robots is hard to describe. There should definitely be a PSVR 2 re-release, which incidentally could also iron out the small inaccuracies of the external PSVR tracking!



The sci-fi shooter Farpoint was an early example of AAA graphics in virtual reality. The giant spider bosses made VR gamers' jaws drop on Sony's first VR headset. However, due to limited tracking in front of the PSVR camera, developer Impulse Gear restricted movement. Gamers could not freely explore alien canyons and outposts.

Instead, it was almost always forward through the linear levels, almost like in a rail shooter. So it's high time to further polish the graphics and impressive cutscenes and give PSVR 2 users a new sense of freedom! Haptic triggers would be the icing on the cake. Developer Impulse Gear (Larcenauts) has already confirmed interest in returning to the brand, though without a concrete announcement.

Paper Beast

The creator of the adventure classic Another World, Eric Chahi, has created a fantastically beautiful puzzle adventure with Paper Beast. His visually stunning foray through sandstorms and crystalline mountain caves could benefit massively from more image sharpness and new motion controls.

Up until now, players have used a cursor to maneuver the otherworldly creatures and helpful skeleton monsters through the surreal world. There are clever physics experiments with quicksand, liquids, and bright red snapdragons. The game even included a level editor, which would be much more intuitive on the PSVR 2. PC VR users already got an implementation.



Resident Evil 7 Biohazard

The PSVR-exclusive VR mode of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard was a real test of nerves. Protagonist Ethan searches for his missing fiancée Mia in a run-down plantation mansion. There lives the psychopathic Baker family, who do some pretty kinky things in their mansion. The richness of detail was already in a class of its own back then, even though there was no motion control for the hands yet.

For a remake for PSVR 2, Capcom could take a cue from the VR handling of Resident Evil Village, which has already been implemented for Sony's new VR system in a rousing way. Last year, the studio already delivered a PS5 upgrade with support for ray tracing and 120 hertz. So a basis would be in place. But first, a VR implementation of the recent Resident Evil 4 remake is in the works.

Trover Saves the Universe

Trover Saves the Universe is a secret VR treat for fans of Rick and Morty, even if there is no connection between the two universes. No other VR game covers unimportant side characters with such attention to dorky detail. The action platformer, which is ordinary at its core, would also have the chance for a gameplay upgrade on Sony's new VR headset. The whimsical staging full of neurotic characters is unique anyway.

Incidentally, last year the developer studio Squanch Games parted ways with Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland after serious allegations of domestic violence were made against him. In the meantime, however, the Orange County District Attorney's Office dismissed the case because there was not enough evidence.


WipEout Omega Collection

What Gran Turismo 7 is to PSVR 2, WipEout Omega Collection was to the old Playstation VR. The VR racing game collection brings together several classic future racers in an exciting VR conversion. If the twisted courses and loops of WipEout HD and the "Fury" expansion get too wild for you, you can warm up with the somewhat calmer tracks of WipEout 2048.

The speed frenzy also ran remarkably clean in online races. Surprisingly, it remained reasonably comfortable even for somewhat more sensitive players. One reason for this might have been the 120-hertz frame rate, which was interpolated at that time. On the PSVR 2, Sony could use the increased computing power for "real" 120 frames-per-second smoothness with the help of eye tracking and dynamic foveated rendering.

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