The "Worms" studio is developing a VR game that sounds pretty rad


Killer Frequency is the first VR game from Team17, the studio behind the 2D classic Worms. It promises an all-new scenario.

Killer Frequency takes you back to the 80s, to a radio station in the Midwest of the USA. You're a radio host working a routine night shift, chatting over the airwaves with eccentric citizens and spinning records.

But on this night, something is different. A caller reports a gruesome discovery, and it soon becomes clear that a masked killer is wreaking havoc in the sleepy little town of Gallows Creek.

Killer Frequency: A Horror-Comedy-Adventure

Your task: listen carefully to the concerned citizens and eyewitnesses and ensure their survival. You'll choose what to say through branching dialog options, and your decisions will affect the story. With your hands you'll operate authentic 80s technology, such as a record player and a tape recorder.

During the game you'll be able to explore the sprawling radio station, collect clues and information and solve puzzles, in addition to the studio. The explorable area is more than one square kilometer.

Ein leeres Büro in stimmungsvoller Beleuchtung.

The offices of the radio station are covered in atmospheric light during the night. | Image: Team17

According to Team17, Killer Frequency is a VR adventure game inspired by horror comedies from the 80s and 90s. It should therefore not take itself completely seriously and hopefully also be reasonable for the fearful.

Developed for Meta Quest 2

The game also features fully synchronized characters and an 80s musical score: from rock songs to synth sounds.


Killer Frequency is a new brand and the studio's first VR game. The official website states that the title was developed from the ground up for Meta Quest 2, but will also be released in a 2D version on Steam. More images can be seen there as well.

Both versions will be released later this year. It is not known exactly when, but Halloween would make sense. A first teaser trailer hints at the mood, but doesn't show much of the game.