The Thrill of the Fight 2 aims to take VR boxing to the next level

The Thrill of the Fight 2 aims to take VR boxing to the next level

The Thrill of the Fight 2 is in development, features a multiplayer mode and could be released later this year.

The first game was released in 2016 and is notorious for its fitness factor. According to the VR Institute of Health & Exercise, you can burn up to 600 calories per hour, and UFC boss Dana White and professional boxer Tamuka Mucha recommend the VR game for training.

The Thrill of the Fight is also one of the most successful VR games. On Steam, it has more than 3,000 "overwhelmingly positive" reviews, and on the Quest platform, it ranks among the top 15 most popular premium titles by number of reviews, ahead of games and apps like Walkabout Minigolf, Pistol Whip, and Virtual Desktop.

Established studio helps make Thrill of the Fight 2 a reality

There's no question that Ian Fitz was thinking about a sequel early on. Back in 2019, the lone developer of the VR game said that he had started working on a sequel. However, it never materialized.

That's probably why Fitz has now brought an established partner on board: Australia's Halfbrick Studios, which has been developing games for more than twenty years and is responsible for smartphone titles such as Jetpack Joyride, Dan the Man, and Fruit Ninja. The studio also has experience in VR with Fruit Ninja VR 1 & 2.

Halfbrick CEO Shainiel Deo is a big fan of Thrill of the Fight and offered Fitz a collaboration. An offer the developer couldn't refuse.

"I have high hopes and big plans for TotF2, and Halfbrick is a great partner to make those plans a reality and to support the game, the franchise, and the sport of VR boxing well into the future. Halfbrick has a lot more resources to show off and share the game, as well, so expect to see a lot more than I’ve shared so far as we push closer to release," Fitz wrote in an announcement on Reddit.


The Thrill of the Fight 2 brings multiplayer mode

Fitz and Halfbrick are working closely together on the sequel."I made the blueprint. Sealost prototyped and proved out many of the mechanics and tech challenges. Halfbrick is putting together a release-worthy product and supporting it into the future," Fitz wrote on Reddit.

Fitz explained that he has meetings with them every workday and works with them to build the product, making sure they stay on track with the original plan, and that it hasn't been a problem because they want to make the same game as he does.

In the video announcement of TotF 2, Shainiel Deo says that they want to "take the sequel to the next level." The Thrill of the Fight 2 will introduce a multiplayer mode and is said to be fairer and more realistic than the original with a revamped damage mechanic and improved auditory and visual feedback.

Fitz writes on Reddit that the two studios are targeting a release this year, but doesn't want to promise anything. "That's just an estimate based on current progress, though. We don't have a specific date planned, and we're taking a 'when it's ready' approach."

The platforms for which TotF 2 will be released have not yet been confirmed. However, the price is expected to be higher than the original, Fitz writes. The Thrill of the Fight is available on Steam and the Meta Quest Store for about $10.

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