The new Vuzix Z100 are rugged 36g smart glasses designed to streamline workflow

Vuzix just launched the developer's edition of its new Z100 smart glasses, which are lightweight, long-lasting, safety glasses for frontline workers. The Vuzix Z100 is based on the Ultralite platform but ruggedized for industrial environments. Weighing a little over an ounce (36g), these are among the lightest smart glasses with displays available. The monocular display appears on the right eye with a 30-degree field of view. The battery is expected to last for two days, making these display glasses very efficient. Interaction is via a touchpad on the temple.

Vuzix is an enterprise-focused smart glasses manufacturer with purpose-built wearables optimized for specific tasks. For more details and to order, visit Vuzix website at the link below. The augmented reality and smart glasses marketplace is heating up, with new AR glasses arriving from Xreal and RayNeo in 2024.



Sources: Vuzix