The ingenious VR multiplayer game Mannequin is released today for PC-VR

The ingenious VR multiplayer game Mannequin is released today for PC-VR

The VR hide-and-seek game Mannequin is released today for PC-VR and supports cross-play between the new PC version and the updated Meta Quest edition.


Swedish VR developer and publisher Fast Travel Games has announced that the Early Access version of its successful VR multiplayer game Mannequin will be released on Steam for PC VR headsets on June 20th. The price will be just under $20, with an introductory discount of 25 percent for the first two weeks. The launch will also include a free trial weekend and a community tournament on Discord.

The PC VR version of Mannequin features improved graphics compared to the version for Meta Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. At the same time, a major update will be released for the Quest version, which will enable cross-play and include visual enhancements. Both versions now include all four levels with final design and layouts for the human agents. Changes have also been made to the user interface to optimize the gaming experience.

In addition, both versions feature a progression system with badges tied to player level. Badges increase in rank every 20 levels, with new badges available every five levels within each rank. Upon reaching level 100, the player is promoted to a higher prestige class and the rank is reset. Another new feature is a reporting tool for rule violations.



Asymmetrical alien hunt in VR

Mannequin is an asymmetrical multiplayer game for two to five players. A team of up to three aliens disguise themselves as frozen human statues and outwit one or two opposing agents. Read our Mannequin Guide to find out exactly how the game works. The Early Access version includes four maps, as well as Quick Play and Custom modes. Another update is planned before the full version is released at the end of 2024.

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