Iconic room-scale VR game "Tea for God" is getting an endless mode

Iconic room-scale VR game

Tea for God uses a trick to create the illusion of physically walking through giant mazes. An endless mode with new content will be released this weekend.


Void Room has announced an endless mode for Tea for God.

The endless mode is called "Tasks" and you can switch to it without having completed the game. However, Void Room strongly recommends that you complete the story first.

The endless mode mixes existing content from the story mode with new content. This includes new active and passive upgrades, unlocks, weapon nodes, and enemies.

What's next for Tea for God? According to Void Room, the endless mode serves as a framework that will be expanded in the future, allowing for more and smaller content updates.

Tea for God is available for Quest in the App Lab and for PC VR on Steam. According to Void Room, the endless mode will be released at the end of this week.



Tea for God relies entirely on physical movement in space, creating mazes of corridors and rooms even in small play areas. The world is generated to always lead you back to the center of your play area. This creates the illusion of moving through a huge maze. The larger the playing area, the more convincing this effect is.

Jan tested the full release of Tea of God, which came out in the summer of 2023, and found it even more immersive than Eye of the Temple, which uses the same trick.

"Tea of God is one of the most fascinating VR concepts I've ever experienced! After just a few minutes, I had internalized the unusual navigation through overlapping rooms so well that I was soon walking through a huge complex full of winding metal corridors with my legs," wrote Jan in his review of Tea for God.

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