Roguelike shooter Sweet Surrender gets a visual overhaul on Quest

Roguelike shooter Sweet Surrender gets a visual overhaul on Quest

Sweet Surrender received its biggest update to date, significantly improving the visuals and other aspects of the game.


More than a year after its last update, the roguelike shooter from Munich-based VR studio Salmi Games has received a major update.

"We’ve carefully gone over the whole game to take greater advantage of the Quest’s hardware capabilities and improve the overall player experience based on your feedback," the studio writes in a developer post.

The tenth update called "Resurrection" improves the visuals on Quest 3, Quest 2 and even Quest 1 (experimental mode), but also contains many gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Below is an overview from Salmi Games:

  • Bloom and HDR
  • 100s of New Visual Effects
  • Horizontal Weapon Recoil
  • Final Boss Revamp
  • No more insta-death on Void Glitch
  • Unstuck Button
  • Improved Bug Reporting tool
  • Dozens of bug fixes and performance improvements

For the team, the Resurrection Update marks the transition from Early Access to Version 1.0. "We’ll continue to make improvements, but we feel we finally reached the visual aspiration we originally had when we first prototyped and pitched this game," writes Salmi Games.

More details on the individual improvements and the full release notes can be found in a comprehensive developer post. A trailer showing the visual differences is embedded below.

You can purchase Sweet Surrender for $25 from the Horizon Store and Steam. The PC VR version also received the update.


Hands-on: A significant improvement

Sweet Surrender is a first-person shooter where you fight your way up a dystopian megatower, unlocking new, upgradeable classes along the way. In your battle against the robots, you will have at your disposal all kinds of pistols and rifles, melee weapons, explosives, as well as upgrade chips that unlock new abilities.

I tried Sweet Surrender back when it was released in 2021, and was eager to take a look at the graphics update. I can confirm that the VR game is now much more visually appealing and atmospheric thanks to the Bloom and HDR effects.


Salmi Games has also introduced new graphics options in the Quest version. You can adjust the intensity of Bloom and effects (explosions and other animated or dynamic effects) with a slider and choose from three visual presets. The Render scale mentioned below refers to the multiplier of the render resolution. The higher it is, the sharper the image.

Setting 1:

  • Frame rate: 90 FPS
  • Post-processing: On
  • Render scale: 1.2

A balanced option that offers a good compromise between frame rate, post-processing, and resolution.

Setting 2:

  • 72 FPS
  • Post-processing: On
  • Render scale 1.5

Focus on the highest possible graphics quality at the expense of frame rate.

Setting 3:

  • 90 FPS
  • Post-processing: Off
  • Render scale 1.6

If you can do without post-processing, you can enjoy the highest render resolution at a high frame rate. Visually, however, the game loses a lot.

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