Successor to the "best hand tracking ever": Ultraleap presents Hyperion

Successor to the

With Ultraleap Hyperion, Ultraleap introduces the successor to one of the world's most robust hand tracking solutions.


Ultraleap introduces Hyperion, the successor to the Gemini hand tracking software. Ultraleap Hyperion is said to represent a significant advance in hand tracking performance, efficiency, and flexibility. The software offers a combination of tracking models and modes to provide a flexible solution for different requirements.

Ultraleap claims to be able to use Hyperion to train hand tracking models for additional specific use cases and customize models within days.

The most important functions of Hyperion according to the manufacturer:

  • Microgesture interactions: Hyperion can track small finger movements down to the millimeter, enabling subtle gestures that require minimal effort.
  • Robust to handling objects: Hyperion offers superior hand tracking while holding an object in your hand, making it perfect for mixed reality. For example, while holding a physical prop, such as a welding torch, the hand tracking remains robust.
  • Object tracking: Hyperion allows the Leap Motion Controller 2 camera to track AR Markers (also known as fiducial markers) enabling tracking of any object.
  • Performance switching: Hyperion offers new modes that enable customers to get the best hand tracking performance for their use case. This includes a low-power mode that enables hand tracking to run with reduced power consumption, and a high-performance mode that delivers accurate finger mapping with low latency when computer processing power is unrestricted.
  • Expanded tracking capabilities: Hyperion enables direct access to the Leap Motion Controller 2 stereo IR camera hardware, expanding its use to other computer vision tasks, like depth sensing, 3D scanning, and object tracking.

The additional functions can be selected directly within the platform. In addition, the Leap Motion Controller 2 is now also bundled with a commercial license that automatically grants access to these functions and enables their use for the development, use, and sale of new applications.



Successor for high-end hand tracking Gemini

Ultraleap is the result of the merger of Leap Motion and Ultrahaptics. Leap Motion developed hardware and software for hand tracking, while Ultrahaptics produced modules that use ultrasound to make the contours of virtual objects perceptible in the air.

The company now employs more than 140 people in Europe, North America and Asia. The fifth generation of hand tracking software, Gemini, is considered one of the most robust hand tracking solutions on the market.

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