Structural change at Apple: Vision Pro gets its own division

Structural change at Apple: Vision Pro gets its own division

Apple expert Mark Gurman reports in his latest newsletter about a possible structural change at Apple. The trigger is the Apple Vision Pro and its long-term development.

According to Gurman, Apple is known for its "functional" corporate structure: Instead of specific product divisions for the iPhone, iPad, or AirPods, there are teams for software engineering, hardware development, machine learning, design, and services.

These departments work together to develop new features and products. But change is on the horizon for the newest product category, Apple Vision Pro.

Apple Vision Pro will have its own Vision Products Group

Unlike previous products, the Apple Vision Pro headset will have its own division within the company. The unit, led by Mike Rockwell, was called the "Technology Development Group" (TDG) from its inception in 2015 until recently. It is now known internally as the "Vision Products Group" (VPG).

The group operates independently of Apple's main software and hardware engineering departments. It has dedicated teams for those areas, as well as for strategy, computer vision, content, application development, and project management.

New structure for long-term product development

According to Gurman, this doesn't mean internal separation. For example, he said, the department works with the chip unit that makes the M2 and R1 processors. Gruman sees the reasons for keeping the Vision Pro department more in the future development of the headset.


A separate team could work faster and more confidentially. The Apple expert also sees the need for a separate team of specialists for a product as complex as the Vision Pro.

Gurman expects the current structure to remain in place – at least until the headset becomes more commercially viable. Only then would it make sense to divert resources from cash cows like the iPhone.

The plural in the department's name ("Vision Products Group") also suggests that Apple plans to develop more headsets.

Sources: Bloomberg