Stride: Fates receives mixed reality mode and Quest 3 enhancements

Stride: Fates receives mixed reality mode and Quest 3 enhancements

An update for the parkour shooter Stride: Fates brings a mixed reality mode and visual enhancements to Quest 3.


In the all-new mixed reality mode, you have to defend your real apartment against attackers.

Joy Way describes the content of the mixed reality missions as follows

  • Explore blended locations merging STRIDE: Fates with reality.
  • Confront enemies directly outside your door! Maneuver through obstacles, take out enemy drones, and face off against roaming bandits within the game area.
  • Fulfill quests to discover items, retrieve data from drones, and hack chests.
  • Strategically use cover to shield yourself from enemy attacks.
  • Engage in battles using a variety of weapons, including cannons and katanas.
  • Utilize environmental objects found in the slums and rooftops of STRIDE: Fates, such as building materials, cables, bottles, basketballs, and flying fire extinguishers.
  • Earn rewards for completing missions and use them to upgrade weapons, purchase ammo, and regenerate health.

A new trailer shows how the mixed reality missions can be imagined.

Quest 3 owners will benefit from overall improved graphics, as well as dynamic lighting. Check out the video for examples.

The free update for Meta Quest, released on February 22, also brings improved grip mechanics and controller vibration.



In Stride: Fates Parkour action meets story campaign

Stride: Fates is a sequel to the VR parkour game Stride and, unlike the original, features a full story campaign.

In Stride: Fates, you take on the role of a citizen of Airon City who comes from a poor background and aspires to a career as an elite police officer in the SkyChase unit.

As you take on gangs, family feuds, and corrupt corporations, you will have to use your parkour skills, master hand-to-hand combat and gunplay, use gadgets, and hack computers.

Stride: Fates is currently 36 percent off in the Quest Store.