Street Fighter VR arcade trailer features Ryu and Zangief in virtual reality

Street Fighter VR arcade trailer features Ryu and Zangief in virtual reality

Have you always wanted to fight Zangief or Ryu in virtual reality? In Japan, you can now compete with the Street Fighter legends.

Street Fighter is one of the most famous video game series ever. The classic beat-em-up game first appeared on arcade machines in Japan in the late 1980s. However, the series only became really successful with the second installment and the conversions to home consoles. Now, over thirty years after its debut, the franchise is appearing as a VR game, following the same path as the original.

Street Fighter VR requires trip to Japan

Street Fighter VR, like the first in the series, can initially only be experienced on arcade machines in Japan. A public game test has been running at Plaza Capcom in Hiroshima since early February.

Publisher Capcom's in-house arcade offers numerous coin-operated machines, including some VR games. Starting in April, an additional Street Fighter VR machine will be installed at Miraino Aeon Mall in Toyokawa during another test phase.

Ryu vs. Zangief in Virtual Reality

With the announcement of the immersive game machines, developer studio Capcom immediately released a trailer on its own website. It shows several classic Street Fighter characters reminiscent of the comic style of Street Fighter 5.


The gameplay clip shows the face of the franchise, karate fighter Ryu, and Russian wrestler Zangief. Street Fighter VR is not played in the usual head-to-head view of the console versions, but in the first-person perspective.

The trailer shows various attacks that players will probably execute exclusively with their hands. Ryu's classic signature move, the energy blast Shoryuken, is also included.

Street Fighter VR Fan game for Meta Quest 2 available

It is not known if or when there will be a wider distribution of the game or even a conversion for Playstation VR 2 (review) or Meta Quest 2 (review) after the VR arcade tests. However, fans should not get their hopes up too high. The small VR spin-off is probably just a PR campaign for the upcoming release of the latest series installment. Street Fighter 6 is scheduled for release later this year for PC, Xbox series, Playstation 5, and other consoles.

There is no official at-home VR game for the franchise yet but VR fans don't have to completely miss out on Ryu, Ken, and company. On Sidequest, there is a fan conversion of the popular classic Street Fighter II for the Meta Quest 2.

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