Steam charts: The most successful PC VR games 2021

Steam charts: The most successful PC VR games 2021

Valve publishes an overview of the most successful Steam games every year. Which PC VR games made the charts this year?

Valve doesn't give specific sales or revenue figures but instead divides the top titles of the year by total revenue into four categories: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Here's how they divide the ranks from 1 to 90:

  • Platinum: 1st - 12th place
  • Gold: 13th - 24th place
  • Silver: 25th - 40th place
  • Bronze: 41st - 90th place

The list includes only VR-exclusive titles and standalone VR ports like Skyrim VR. Games that support both VR and monitors, such as No Man's Sky or Phasmophobia, are not included.

The order of titles within categories is purely random.

Top VR Games: No New Releases

The Platinum category features the usual perennial favorites like Beat Saber, Superhot VR, and Arizona Sunshine.

In a blog post, Valve notes that over 500 new VR-exclusive games were released in 2021, but that none of them made it into the Platinum category. Compared to the previous year, only one new VR game, Into The Radius, which was released in Early Access in 2019 and left that status in 2020, mingled among the front-runners.


Übersicht der umsatzstärksten SteamVR-Spiele 2021

The Platinum Category 2021. | Image: Valve

In other words, there's little to no movement in the top-selling titles, which argues against a vital VR market. A circumstance that SteamVR shares with the Playstation Store. There, too, more or less the same VR titles have dominated for years.

Things look a little different in the other three categories. Here you can find some of the best VR games of 2021, such as After The Fall, Demeo, Cosmodread and I Expect You To Die 2. However, older titles also make up the majority here.

Curious: Arizona Sunshine's spiritual successor, co-op shooter After The Fall, turned over less in 2021 than the five-year-old VR classic. However, it's also only been three weeks since launch.

Experience top titles in VR - thanks to mods.

The only VR-only game to make it among the Steam top sellers is Half-Life: Alyx (Bronze category). Three titles with official VR support made it among the top sellers and PC games with the highest concurrent player count: Phasmophobia, The Forest, and No Man's Sky. Rec Room can be found among the year's top Early Access contenders in terms of gross revenue.

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