Squingle: Trippy puzzle secret for Quest (2) and PC-VR - with free demo

Squingle: Trippy puzzle secret for Quest (2) and PC-VR - with free demo

Squingle is a psychedelic puzzle game that leverages the power of virtual reality. For the curious, there's a demo.

Squingle's gameplay is easy to grasp: You grab a glowing ball and guide it through maze-like tunnels with your hand. The goal is to bring the ball safely to the destination without touching the walls. Otherwise, the game starts all over again.

This simple game mechanic is varied and expanded after a few levels. Suddenly, you have to handle two spinning balls and use their movement patterns to bring them safely to their destination.

At special points, you can change the direction of rotation and the axis of motion of the balls to guide them safely through the increasingly complex twists and turns. If you collect green balls along the way and arrive at your destination quickly enough, you'll be rewarded.

A psychedelic VR experience

The tunnels are three-dimensional, so it's beneficial to move around them and look at them from different perspectives.

The structures themselves feel like a cellular organism, their fluid, billowing shapes and colors pleasing to the eye. The psychedelic backgrounds and driving ambient soundscape add to the thoroughly relaxing VR experience.

Squingle offers around 100 handcrafted levels in the full version. If that's not enough, you can compete against other VR players in the leaderboards or try to unlock all the achievements.


Squingle is optimized for Meta Quest 2

Squingle is available for Meta Quest (2) and for PC-VR. If you own a Meta Quest 2, you can play the VR game with super smooth 120 frames per second.

I tried the free Steam demo consisting of eight levels and found the VR experience captivating. As soon as Squingle hits the Oculus Store, I'll post a more detailed review.

Quest players can find the VR title in the App Lab. Enter the name of the VR game in the Oculus Store search.

You can buy Squingle here or try it out for free:

Platforms Supported devices Price
App Lab (full version), App Lab (demo) Meta Quest 1 & 2 14,99 Euro / Free
Steam (full version + demo) PC VR Glasses, Meta Quest 1 & 2 via Oculus Link or PC VR Streaming 12,49 Euro / Free