Squid Game: Outlast your friends in this VR adaption of the Netflix hit series

Squid Game: Outlast your friends in this VR adaption of the Netflix hit series

Sandbox VR teamed up with Netflix on a multiplayer Squid Game VR experience, coming to arcades worldwide later this year.

If you're a fan of the hit Netflix series Squid Game, you might have wondered what it would be like to feel the intense pressure of trying to think quickly and innovate, knowing your life is on the line and time is running out. Later this year, you and your friends will finally have a chance to play this (virtually) deadly game at a Sandbox VR location near you.

Of course, it's all for fun, unlike the Netflix thriller that exposed how far the flawed characters of Squid Game were willing to go to earn a second chance in life, with a potential cash prize of over 45 billion won. The survival series quickly became Netflix's most-watched series, attracting over 142 million viewers.

Sandbox VR makes virtual gaming social

In this Sandbox VR experience, players wearing full-body, motion-tracking suits will participate in a virtual Squid Game, vying to be the last standing. You'll have to survive a series of challenges based on children's games, each with a lethal twist.

A group of people with VR headset and vests and a backpack with PC in it.

Shot from a Sandbox VR arcade. A person with a long red beard in this picture is an editor of this site. | Bild: Maximilian Schreiner

Tracking in Sandbox VR is very precise in our experience, and since all the VR games are multiplayer, it's a great reminder of how fun social VR can be. You and five friends can compete simultaneously, making this a uniquely social and physical VR experience.

The only way to play Squid Game VR

So far, there are no plans to release Squid Game as a VR game that can be played at home. This could be your only opportunity to step into the shoes of Seong Gi-hun and outlast the others in this intensely immersive game.


Each Sandbox VR experience is unique, with games ranging from Sci-fi adventures like Star Trek: Discovery to a zombie-filled horror in Deadwood Valley.

Sandbox VR has locations worldwide, but most of its venues are within the U.S. If you're interested in playing Squid Game VR or want to learn more about other full-body, multiplayer VR experiences, check out Sandbox VR's website for more details.