Sony discontinues the Dreams creative app with Metaverse potential

Sony discontinues the Dreams creative app with Metaverse potential

Dreams could have become Sony's metaverse platform with its powerful tools. But there will not be a PSVR2 port.

Media Molecule is discontinuing its community-based creative building kit Dreams. Starting September 1, the app, which is available for PS4 and PS VR, will no longer receive updates, the Sony subsidiary studio announced on its official blog. After that, there will only be patches for critical bugs.

The developer also ruled out the long-anticipated port for Playstation VR 2: "No, support for multiplayer/PS5/PS VR2/3D printer is not part of the still planned releases for Dreams. There will be an update for animations, creative mode, and Tren."

Dreams is no longer coming to PSVR 2.

Current users won't have to worry about online support for the game, which will still be available on the Playstation Store. They'll still be able to reinstall the app, download levels, and browse other creators' games after September 2023.

Dreams is Sony's most powerful implementation of a creative app on the PS4 and in VR to date. Users can combine painted artwork, animations, and levels with those of other creators to make large works of art. The studio incorporated elements from its older title, LittleBigPlanet, but this time completely in 3D and playable with PS VR.


The app's focus on brushstrokes made for elaborate paintings and dreamlike games. However, compared to Rec Room or Meta's Horizon Worlds, online options are limited. In Dreams, users cannot create games with each other in the same online space.

Thus, Sony misses the chance to improve in this area and give the PS VR 2 a social competitor to applications like Rec Room and VRChat. To keep things running smoothly on Playstation 4 and PS VR, a server migration is planned for May, which will bring further changes.

Sony discontinues creative construction kit

From now on, creations can be completely deleted and the "Archive" function disappears. However, creations that have already been archived are not lost but are still available among the saved copies. For more information on storage space limits and changes to comfort levels, follow the link.

To top it off, the Dreams adventure "Tren", developed by Media Molecule, is scheduled for release in September. In the game, you explore a model world with a train and other vehicles to gradually improve the technology of your transportation.

Even if Dreams' servers were to go completely offline one day, the impact wouldn't be as dramatic as Crayta's recent shutdown. After all, Meta's game builder ran entirely in the cloud, including all of its creations. In Dreams, however, you can save your own creations and those of other players locally.

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