The first Somnium VR1 enthusiast PC VR headsets could ship in April

The first Somnium VR1 enthusiast PC VR headsets could ship in April

The first Somnium VR-1 headsets could be shipped in April. In the meantime, final improvements are being made to the hardware.


In a blog post, Somnium Space provides an update on the Somnium VR 1, stating that production is on track to start in March and the first units could be delivered in April.

The device will be available for pre-order at the beginning of March, provided you have reserved a pre-order spot. Public orders will open at the end of March. The starting price is €1,900, which is equivalent to $2,050.

Buyers will be able to configure their device online and add eye tracking, hand tracking, and mixed reality cameras, or order it without these optional hardware features.

Somnium VR1 Development Timeline until April 2024.

The current development timeline. | Image: Somnium Space

In December, the startup invited a number of Youtubers to test the current prototype in Prague. Among them was Brad Lynch, who published an impressions video and an interview with CEO Artur Sychov (see below).

The Youtubers pointed out several shortcomings of the prototype (optics, comfort), which the startup claims to have fixed. The company plans to invite the Youtubers back for a second and final test before pre-orders begin.

In the blog post, Somnium Space lists a number of improvements that have been worked on since the end of December. Among other things, the company claims to have fixed lens imperfections, increased the IPD range (which is now 58-75 mm), finalized the microphones, optimized the facemask shape for comfort and field of view, made the head strap more comfortable and visually appealing, and improved the image quality.

Finally, the startup is previewing the software tool that will be released with Somnium VR1, which will allow users to set warping profiles and parameters for field of view, resolution, frame rate, and more.


Further details can be found in the blog post.


A PC VR headset for tinkerers and enthusiasts

Somnium Space started with a social VR platform and is now trying its hand at hardware for the first time with Somnium VR1. The PC VR headset was announced in 2021 as a modular open-source device for enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Basic features include MiniLED LC displays with 2,880 x 2,880 pixels per eye and local dimming, as well as aspherical lenses with a field of view of up to 125 degrees (horizontal).

The headset is optionally available with eye tracking, hand tracking and high-resolution mixed reality cameras (2 x 12 MP).

More information can be found on the official website.