Snapchat makes the internet cry - but in a good way

Snapchat makes the internet cry - but in a good way

Snapchat has a new AR filter that impressively shows the progress of AR technology - and Snap's potential to expand to other platforms.

Red eyes, sad mouth, tears rolling soon - this face is so sad. Even if the person in front of the camera is actually happy and telling a funny story. Snap's new AR filter "Crying" does it.

Snap's crying filter conquers TikTok

Since its release about a week ago, more than 180 million Snapchat users have already tested the AR filter over 1.3 billion times. Although the filter was originally released on Snap, the filter videos are also spreading on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. Here's what the filter looks like in the original demo.

This is how Snapchat demonstrates the Crying filter. | Video: Snap

And here is an example of how I eat a cake. It actually made me happy. You would maybe guess the opposite.

No, I'm not sad. I think. Maybe I am? | Video: MIXED

Individual videos produced with the AR filter generate millions of views on TikTok - because it's perfect for pranks where the other person sees they're being filmed but doesn't know they're pulling a sad face.

Like this father, for example, who professes that he is no longer sad about West Ham's defeat by Eintracht Frankfurt - but his face says otherwise.

@puwtok this filter is too good 🀣🀣🀣🀣 #cryingfilter ♬ original sound - phoebe gillett

And who likes to share fries?


@fablesinfocus This filter tho πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ can I have a chip? #sadfilter #cryfilter #snapchatfilter #funny #fyp ♬ original sound - Fablesinfocus

Even a nice lunch with friends and family in the garden doesn't necessarily make you happy.

Snap brings AR into everyday life

I find the AR filter "Crying" worth mentioning in several respects. First, it impresses me technically - in the short smartphone videos, the sad face looks amazingly realistic, and only with the processing power of a smartphone. That shows the progress of AR technology.

The many millions of views also show that AR filters combined with human creativity have become a cultural phenomenon that can influence self-perception. It is not the first filter to go viral in this way.

The spread of the filter across all platforms, which was created on Snapchat, also shows that Snap is still in the top league when it comes to AR technology. As is well known, Snap is already investing in AR glasses that integrate AR even better into everyday life.

Taking this combination a little further, we might soon see Snap Spectacles Funny Faces Edition. Depending on your mood, you can then surround yourself with smiling or happy people while walking through the mall. Or with lizard people.

You can test the crying filter yourself on Snapchat. I am happy to see crying videos in the comments.