Senseglove Nova 2: Wireless VR glove with palm feedback soon available worldwide

Senseglove Nova 2: Wireless VR glove with palm feedback soon available worldwide

The Senseglove Nova 2 combines three haptic technologies in one compact design and will soon be available worldwide.


Senseglove recently announced worldwide shipping of its latest product, the Nova 2 haptic gloves. According to Senseglove, these are the first and only wireless VR gloves on the market that provide palm feedback.

The Nova 2 gloves combine three advanced haptic feedback technologies in a compact, wireless design. These include active contact feedback to feel bumps and grip sensations in the palm, force feedback to simulate the size and firmness of virtual objects, and vibrotactile feedback for basic texture cues.

The Nova 2 is said to be particularly suitable for simulating feedback sensations in VR training. Examples range from power tools such as drills, saws, and grinders to rehabilitation tools or other dynamic objects that come into contact with the palm.

Compared to its predecessor, the SenseGlove Nova 2 has improved finger tracking and records the movements of the thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers, as well as thumb movement by measuring cable extension. The gloves are available in three sizes and come with removable soft gloves for easy washing. The price is $5,999. Volume discounts are available according to SenseGlove.



Predecessor of the SenseGlove Nova 2

The SenseGlove Nova has already brought significant improvements in haptic technology. Unlike its predecessor, which looked like an exoskeleton, the Nova looks more like a conventional glove, except for the motor box on the back of the hand.

It significantly shortens the donning process to just a few seconds, and uses tendon-like filaments along the fingers for haptic simulation that pull motors with magnetic friction brakes on the back of the hand. These can simulate up to two kilograms of weight per finger. Voice coil actuators on the thumb and index finger create a realistic tactile sensation.

One of the first users of the Senseglove Nova was Volkswagen, who used the glove for VR training. The predecessor model, SenseGlove Nova 2, has already been tested by more than 100 institutions, including Airbus and Honda.

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