Sci-fi tips for the weekend: AI between love and hate

Sci-fi tips for the weekend: AI between love and hate

Artificial intelligence, robots or brain chips - with our sci-fi tips for the weekend, you'll find the right entertainment for gloomy February weather.

As usual in February, the weekend greets us with dreary gray rainy weather. The ideal time to turn on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or simply the TV program and dive into science fiction worlds. We've put together a few sci-fi tips that couldn't be more different.

AI Love You: Sci-fi love story on Netflix

With AI Love You, a Thai film makes it onto Netflix that focuses on the unconventional love of an artificial intelligence for a human. Lead actress Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul is one of the most prominent faces in the Thai entertainment industry and is considered one of the country's biggest talents.

AI Love You tells a modern love story in a near future. A smart building is optimized with an AI named Dob so that it can communicate on a personal level with the occupants. However, an incident occurs and Dob develops feelings for resident Lana.

While a technician tries to repair the AI using VR goggles, Dob takes over its body. The AI escapes the building, explores being human, and sets out to win over the love of his life, Lana.

Mother / Android: When AI becomes a man-hater

Not quite recent, but already almost the perfect counterpart to AI Loves You is Mother / Android. The Netflix sci-fi starring Chloe Grace-Moretz as an expectant mother draws a dystopian world ruled by hateful AI that seems to be deadly at every turn, yet still brings forth new life.

In a near future, nearly every household has a human-like android. As butlers and servants, the robots are programmed to serve humans. One night, Artificial Intelligence turns on its creators and calls for revolution. The defeated humans are driven out of the cities and killed. The few survivors are gathered together in camps or search for a safe haven.

One of them is the heavily pregnant Georgia, who is on her way to the supposedly safe Boston with the father of her child. From there, a ship is to take the young family to Asia. Shortly before the delivery, Georgia and Sam have to sneak through an area occupied by aggressive robots.


Severance: Chips in employee brains

Apple TV+ subscribers can enjoy a new episode of Ben Stiller's sci-fi series Severance this weekend. The first episode featured the surgical procedure in which Mark (Adam Scott) was implanted with a brain chip. The chip is supposed to ensure that memories from the working world and private life remain strictly separated - all for the work-life balance.

Mark, however, is seeking healing in the experiment. The young widower cannot come to terms with the death of his wife. Through the "Severance" program, he forgets the pain of the loss at least for a few hours a day.

Apple TV+ releases a new episode of Severance every Friday. In episode 2, a new employee joins Mark's team, while he encounters a mysterious ex-employee in his personal life.

Finally, a sci-fi epic with 10 Oscar nominations.

Last week, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced the nominees for this year's Academy Awards. One name kept popping up on the lists: The sci-fi epic Dune was nominated ten times for the Oscar. In addition to the coveted category of best film, Dune could be honored in costume design, adapted screenplay or cinematography, among other categories.

If you missed the opening of the trilogy on the big screen, you can now catch up with Dune in your home theater. You can stream Dune on Prime Video. Amazon offers the desert planet saga for rent or purchase (from $4.99).

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