Schrödinger's Apple headset and pineapple pizza

Schrödinger's Apple headset and pineapple pizza

Our weekly recap: Apple's headset is near and it's not at the same time. Also, ChatGPT thinks pineapple pizza is fine, but Italy doesn't think ChatGPT is fine.

WWDC for sure, Ming-Chi Kuo

Apple's headset was supposed to be unveiled at the company's WWDC developer conference in early June, but Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks otherwise: Based on supply chains, he now predicts a delivery date of the end of the year at the earliest, or even as late as 2024.

Meanwhile, Apple reporter Mark Gurman reiterates that Apple's headset is close: he claims it will be unveiled at WWDC on 5 June, one of the most important days in the tech company's history. Anyway, our editor Tomislav thinks that Apple's XR headset, even if it comes much later than expected, might still be too early.

PSVR 2 updates

We test Sony's PSVR 2 charging station, have some PSVR 2 cleaning tips, a fancy comfort hack and a trick for longer controller battery life.

Sales don't seem to be going so well for Sony. The first analyst estimate for PSVR 2 is sobering: only around 270,000 units have been sold since its launch on 22 February. The VR hit Beat Saber is coming to PSVR 2, but it still needs a bit more time. Perhaps there will be new features?

Pico 4: US launch stalled by TikTok dispute

Is the Chinese government using TikTok to undermine the West? That, at least, is the theory being discussed in the US Congress with TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew. Unfortunately, this event coincided with the previously teased US launch of Pico 4, which was promptly un-teased. Pico, like TikTok, is owned by parent company Bytedance.


New Quest updates

Meta enhances the Quest hardware with software: a Quest Pro update significantly improves the contrast of the VR headset. That's another reason why Tomislav thinks Quest Pro is a good Valve Index replacement for a PC VR headset. Meanwhile, there is more evidence that Valve is still working on VR hardware that could feature eye-tracking like the Quest Pro.

The v51 update for Quest 2, based on Android 12L, includes a Quest Pro feature: local dimming for PC VR via Quest Link and AirLink.

Italy bans ChatGPT

If you ask ChatGPT if pineapple on pizza is OK, it will answer in its usual diplomatic way: It's a matter of taste. Meanwhile, the Italian DPA is taking a completely undiplomatic approach to ChatGPT, not because of pineapple pizza, but because of the GDPR. The European data protection law is not a matter of taste, and OpenAI's ChatGPT allegedly does not comply with it. OpenAI is pulling out of Italy at the request of the authorities. Will other EU countries follow suit?

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