Run a Virtual Barbershop in this Quest 2 VR game

Run a Virtual Barbershop in this Quest 2 VR game

In Virtual Barbershop you'll learn the art of hair and beard care, and manage a salon.

Slip into the role of a new salon owner and learn the craft of a barber step-by-step. The better and faster you do your work, the louder the cash register will ring.

Your reputation is at least as important. The customer is king and will leave a review on the internet after the work is done. This is important because you want to be voted best hairdresser of the year in the neighborhood.

Cutting, buying, and decorating a virtual barbershop

With your earnings, you can use a computer to order new and better tools, including razors and scissors. Just be careful not to spend too much money! Otherwise, you'll go broke.

If you have some of your profits left over, you can invest in furniture, interior design, and new premises. After all, a hair salon has to look cool. A classy interior and great decorations will help you achieve the coveted five-star rating.

However, you shouldn't expect an absolutely realistic hairdressing simulation. Unless you dye your hair with spray cans lately, as can be seen in the first trailer.


Virtual Barbershop doesn't take itself too seriously. As in many simulation games, there will probably be one or two (fashionable) accidents - for the pleasure of the players.

Soon to release for Quest 2

The title is coming this summer for Meta Quest 2 and a PC VR version should follow. The virtual reality game will be released in Early Access and is expected to grow to the final version. More realistic cutting mechanics and new accessories are planned.

Virtual Barbershop is being developed by PoisonIce Studios, founded in 2020, which plans to release new details and the exact release date soon. You can sign up for a newsletter on the official website.