Retronika is a sci-fi shooter on a flying motorcycle coming to Quest this year

Retronika is a sci-fi shooter on a flying motorcycle coming to Quest this year

The VR game Retronika combines a flying motorcycle, shooter elements and a cel-shaded look. A closed alpha will start soon.


Retronika combines immersive racing with shooter elements in a casual, first-person perspective. Players navigate a flying bike that can move forward, horizontally, and vertically in a dynamically generated, tiled environment. Players must maneuver through this space, avoiding collisions while engaging with enemy drones using two weapons mounted on the bike.


Players progress through a series of missions, each with specific objectives such as reaching checkpoints, defeating a number of enemies, or surviving under challenging conditions. Completing missions unlocks subsequent levels and new in-game content, including bike upgrades, new weapons, and customizations.

The game features nine unique weapons, each with distinct characteristics. Players can equip two weapons simultaneously, allowing for strategic combinations suited to varying combat scenarios.

Retronika is currently scheduled for release in August 2024 for Meta Quest.



Apply for the Closed Alpha

The studio is looking for alpha testers on the Discord server. Currently, there are still about 100 out of 200 spots available, the studio told MIXED.

The alpha version of the VR game is a demo where you can try out the basic game mechanics and gameplay. It includes tutorials, some missions and some weapons for you to try out.

You can apply using the following form.