Reimagined: VR series tells unknown sagas and stories

Reimagined: VR series tells unknown sagas and stories

High-quality VR films and series are rare. Now, two talented women are creating unknown fables for VR - with Meta's support.

Storyteller Michaela Ternasky-Holland is exploring narrative XR experiences. Together with acting multitalented Julie Cavaliere, she aims to bring largely unknown folklore to new, virtual life. The planned animated series for virtual reality is supported by Meta.

Her "new kind of storybook" takes audiences into the world of lesser-known fables. Mythology and folklore are highlighted in an inclusive way, according to the description. The team's repertoire clearly includes powerful watercolors, as first concept images reveal.

Reimagined: VR films about unknown sagas

The first part is titled "Nyssa" and is about a young witch. After losing her best friend - a broom - she meets a house ghost. As in the underlying myths, the ghost takes on the role of the guardian spirit.

The ghost guides the witch-girl through the "depths of the dark migration," where she must channel her fear to her advantage. Only in this way can she save her village from the so-called "Teemencaag". The name may sound like a delicious Flemish cake, but in history it's a menacing villain you'd rather have nothing to do with.

Immersive Wire explains that the story is based on a well-known source. Nyssa was inspired by the "Fairy Tale of One Who Went Forth to Learn to Fear" from the Brothers Grimm collection.


While Ternasky-Holland has already won an Emmy and a Webby Award for the narrative XR, Cavaliere is new to the industry. She has made a name for herself in New York and at film festivals such as Cannes and Sundance. Cavaliere has appeared as a writer, actress, director and producer, including for the comedy offerings CollegeHumor and Funny or Die.

Powerful colors on the Meta Quest

In addition to their full-service agency Very Cavaliere Productions, VR animation studio Syro is also involved in the production. They receive support from Meta's VR/AR division "Reality Labs".

Reimagined's official website does not reveal how Meta's funding will work in detail. However, Meta's content team for the Quest VR headset emphasizes that it aims to create the best narrative VR experiences in the industry.

So a (time-limited) exclusivity for Meta Quest 2 is likely, even if the creators haven't named any supported platforms yet. Details about the price, release date or further episodes are not yet known.