Realms of Flow gets 3 new mesmerizing VR experiences on Quest and Steam

Realms of Flow gets 3 new mesmerizing VR experiences on Quest and Steam

Realms of Flow is a VR meditation app with stunning visuals. Three new VR experiences have been added in the last two months.


I went hands-on with Realms of Flow on Meta Quest two months ago and was impressed by the beauty of these VR experiences that invite you to marvel, meditate and relax.

Since my article, three new VR trips have been added to the previous ten, meaning that Realms of Flow now offers a total of 13 VR experiences:

  • Vivid Flow (since December 12)
  • Edge of Now (since December 12)
  • Home Within (since February 28)

Below you will find video teasers for the new VR experiences.

The VR app is also evolving in other ways.

The December update brought automatic content downloads, selectable spatial sound types, an option to mirror the VR experience for interesting visual effects, recommended defaults for the distance and extra depth setting, many improvements to the meditation tools, and numerous other tweaks and fixes.

Yesterday's February update included an updated UI design, two new breath modes, and the option to mix and match visuals, voice-overs, and music.


You can purchase Realms of Flow for $15 in the App Lab and on Steam.


Realms of Flow is the brainchild of solo developer Marc Zimmermann, who made a name for himself a few years ago with the award-winning VR film Conscious Existence.

Realms of Flow introduces interactive and playful elements for the first time, and offers a wide variety of features to help you meditate: You can display visual aids for your breathing technique, move your arms to the rhythm of your breath, make humming sounds that are amplified, and more.

How you use Realms of Flow is up to you: I, for example, do not meditate and fully enjoy the experience without these sophisticated tools.