Meta Quest's leading fishing sim has reached nearly 1 million users

Meta Quest's leading fishing sim has reached nearly 1 million users

The visually stunning VR fishing simulation Real VR Fishing is a hit with almost a million fans.


Devs United Games told the Financial Times that nearly one million people are hooked on Real VR Fishing. The South Korean studio has made $15 million from the VR fishing simulation since its launch in 2019, with the lion's share of revenue coming from North America.

The studio also says that users play Real VR Fishing for an average of one hour per day. An extraordinarily long time by VR standards.

Real VR Fishing is currently only available for standalone headsets in the Meta Quest Store and the Pico Store.


A relaxing experience with realistic graphics

Real VR Fishing has over 6,000 ratings on the Quest Store and regularly receives new DLC that takes players to new regions.

Dev United Games received nearly $1.5 million in seed funding from Softbank Ventures Asia in 2021. The studio is targeting a $10 million investment round in the second half of 2024. Next year, it plans to launch new VR games for outdoor activities such as camping and boat racing, writes the Financial Times.


"We want to become a company like Tencent in the looming XR era. We are going to invest in, and produce, all kinds of interactive content," CEO Mark Choi tells the website.

I tried Real VR Fishing 2022 with Quest 2 and was impressed by the realistic graphics. The fishing sim combines crisp 360-degree imagery with photogrammetry, a water simulation, and occasional animated elements such as ducks swimming by, clouds gliding down a mountainside, or falling flower petals. An update for Quest 3 was released in late 2023, increasing the frame rate to 90 Hz and giving users the option to increase the resolution.

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