A mixed reality pool game is coming next month to Meta Quest

A mixed reality pool game is coming next month to Meta Quest

MiRacle Pool will soon bring a pool table and realistic ball physics to a game room of your choice.


As the name suggests, MiRacle Pool is designed for mixed reality. The pool table can be rotated and placed anywhere in the room. If you don't have enough space, you can choose a smaller table. You should even be able to play sitting down.

Pixel Works spent more than three years refining the physics engine to create the most realistic gaming experience possible. The studio promises easy cue stick handling with an intuitive aim, lock and shoot mechanic. Just make sure you're not leaning on the table.

According to the official store description, MiRacle Pool offers the following game modes:

  • Ranked Online Multiplayer
  • Single Player Matches
  • Private Matches with Friends
  • Mini Games with Leaderboards
  • Daily Challenges
  • Practice Mode

The studio claims that you can improve your pool skills thanks to realistic physics and unlimited practice reps.

A progression system will also allow you to unlock new tables, balls, cues and more as you earn experience points and move up the ranks. The multiplayer mode looks great with Meta Avatars appearing around the table in the same room.


MiRacle Pool is set to release on June 20, 2024 on the Quest Store. The price is $15. Pre-orders will receive a discount of 20 percent. The mixed reality game supports all Quest headsets.


Pixel Works Studio specializes in XR pool games and previously developed the VR pool simulator Black Hole Pool VR, which is listed as coming to PSVR 2.

An early access version of MiRacle Pool has been available on the App Lab since October. The VR game has met Meta's quality requirements and will graduate to the Quest Store.