Quest 3: Meta confirms battery runtime for its new VR headset

Quest 3: Meta confirms battery runtime for its new VR headset

How long will the Quest 3 battery last after charging? Meta already answered this question before the launch of the VR headset.

One of the biggest advantages of the Quest 2 is the balance of sensible compromises, such as the slightly underclocked XR2 chip system. Among other things, this allows for a battery runtime of two to three hours. The battery life of the upcoming Quest 3 should be in a similar range, as Meta recently confirmed.

CTO Andrew Bosworth answered in an AMA Q&A session on July 10, 2023 that customers can expect a similar duration, before the headset needs to be recharged. When asked about the battery runtime of the upcoming Quest 3, Bosworth replied, "About the same as Quest 2, plus or minus. And i think we're always able to continue to work on and improve it, and of course it varies based on what you're using it for."

Quest 3 battery life confirmed

The next-generation Snapdragon chip, co-developed with Qualcomm, promises more than double the GPU performance of the Snapdragon XR2 in the Quest 2 - including a new dedicated cooling solution. As a result, the battery may need a bit more capacity despite the increased efficiency.

Additionally, Bozworth reassured a questioner in the AMA who was a bit concerned about continued update support for Metas premium VR headset Quest Pro. "Yes, of course we continue to make all our headsets better over time."


Meta is very pleased with the performance updates it rolled out in June for the Quest 2 and Quest Pro, and will continue to work on software improvements for its current VR headsets, Bosworth said.

Meta is also currently releasing "Quest Super Resolution" for the platform with Quest Update v55, which brings developer options for sharper graphics. The update has been rolling out in waves since late June, but may not have arrived everywhere yet. Follow the link to the full AMA on Bozworth's Instagram page.

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