Quest 3: Major update for Medieval Dynasty VR brings more than 200 changes to the game

Quest 3: Major update for Medieval Dynasty VR brings more than 200 changes to the game

There are over 200 changes in the first major patch for Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement. We have summarized the highlights for you.


The first major patch for Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement is now available for download from the Meta Horizon Store for Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro. The update includes over 200 changes and improvements to the medieval survival game.

New features include wall torch holders and different shutter designs. The Worker's Camp has also received a visual overhaul. New quests on the bulletin board in Wolfhill promise additional challenges.

Toplitz Productions and Render Cube have improved NPC interaction. They now share rumors like villagers and remind players of required quest items. Quest descriptions in the Dynasty Book now include icons of the required items.

The patch also fixes some bugs in existing quests and adds new ones. For example, the starting quest in Adventure mode will remain the same, and “The Long Road” will reward players with 100 coins and 100 reputation points.

Many bug fixes are also part of the update, including the disappearance of buildings on loading and language selection issues. Visual glitches at various points in the game are also a thing of the past.

Finally, localization adjustments have been made. Translations of NPC names have been corrected and the name “Ice Peak” has been standardized. Misleading quest requirements in different languages are now clearly stated.



Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement is a medieval simulation in VR

Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement is not a simple VR port of the PC version, but was developed specifically for Meta Quest 3, combining role-playing, survival and simulation elements to create a unique medieval experience.

In particular, the execution of daily activities is very different from the mouse control on the PC. Cooking and tool making in VR require each step to be performed manually. This increases immersion, but can also be tiring.

To accommodate as many players as possible, Medieval Dynasty: New Settlement offers several customization options. These include sitting or standing, left or right-handed, and motion settings to prevent motion sickness.

In addition to a Sandbox mode with immediate access to all recipes and no quest requirements, there is also a Story mode with an introductory plot. Here, you choose from three possible settlement locations to begin your medieval life.

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