Hands-on: What is Layout, Meta's new mixed reality app?

Hands-on: What is Layout, Meta's new mixed reality app?

Layout is a useful mixed reality app from Meta that helps with visualization and measurement. I tried it out.

Layout was supposed to roll out with Quest's v60 system update, but is still not officially released.

I was able to access and install the app via a link from VR enthusiast Luna. The application is still under development, as the last update is dated March 31st.

But what exactly does Layout do? I tried it out with Quest 3 and recorded a short video that shows all the features.

Visualize & Measure with Quest 3

The first feature is visualization. It allows you to freely place generic 3D models of furniture, picture frames, windows, etc. in your home. This can help you to furnish and design your flat.


A convenient feature is that you can freely adjust the dimensions of the 3D models. If you know the proportions of your potential future couch, you can adjust the 3D model accordingly and get a good idea of whether it will fit in the corner or against the wall.

The second feature is a digital ruler that allows you to measure walls, edges, and open spaces quickly and easily. In my video example, you can see that the scale is quite accurate, but if you want to be accurate to the millimeter, it's better to use a real meter stick. You can adjust the start and end points at any time and measure multiple lengths at once.

The third and final feature is a level tool that can be used to show the height of objects and help you align objects. Just be sure to scan your room properly before using Quest 3's room mapping feature.

Mixed reality as a tool

Layout doesn't offer anything radically new; similar apps have been available for smartphone AR for years. But Quest 3 makes visualizing and measuring much more fun and intuitive. You can tell that Meta has put a lot of effort into making the app user-friendly.

It is also nice to see Meta exploring practical applications for mixed reality beyond gaming. Meta Quest 3 is potentially more than just a game console, and with Layout it becomes a tool that can be used in everyday life. I would like to see more applications like this and hope that Layout will continue to improve and get new features.

If you want to try Layout yourself, try the following link. It supports Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro. Thanks to Luna for the link!