Synapse shoots to the top of the PSVR 2 download charts

Synapse shoots to the top of the PSVR 2 download charts

Sony revealed last month's top downloads. What were the most popular PSVR 2 games in July 2023?

July was a slow month for games, at least in terms of new top releases. With one exception: the PSVR2 exclusive roguelite shooter Synapse made its debut.

The VR game gives players telekinetic superpowers (made possible by the Playstation VR 2's eye tracking) and also has a distinctive visual style.

In his Synapse review, MIXED colleague Jan praised the innovative combat mechanics, but criticized the lack of variety.

Despite some shortcomings, Synapse made it to the top of the download charts and was the most downloaded PSVR 2 game in North America and the EU in July 2023. Even Beat Saber, which dominated in May and June, had to give way to Synapse.


Moss 2 and Star Wars make a comeback

In third place is the military shooter Pavlov, which was released in March and is on the verge of becoming a long-term hit with PSVR 2 users. Fourth place goes to Moss 2, which only entered the top ten in February and, after months of absence (helped by a discount), has now reached its highest chart position to date. Fifth place went to the successful Star Wars adventure Tales from the Galaxy's Edge, which was also discounted.

The top downloads for PSVR 2.

The PSVR 2 top downloads in July 2023. | Image: Sony

It's nice to see that the top downloads are a different picture every month, with new titles rising to the top and old ones making comebacks. This is a sign of a healthy ecosystem. In the case of the first Playstation VR, there has been little change over the years, especially in the top ranks.

The charts should be shaken up again in August with some strong titles like Firewall Ultra and Crossfire Sierra Squad. Both are military shooters and PSVR2 exclusive.

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