PSVR 2 has a wonderful feature that Quest 2 still lacks: Spotify support

PSVR 2 has a wonderful feature that Quest 2 still lacks: Spotify support

A nice feature I didn't know about until recently: Playstation VR 2 lets you listen to your favorite music or podcasts while you're playing games.

I like listening to my own soundtrack. In real life and virtual reality.

Action-oriented titles can take on an explosive dynamic with custom music, especially in fighting games or shooters. In puzzle games, I like to listen to something relaxing or educate myself with podcasts. And racing games like Gran Turismo 7 gain tremendously by giving you access to your own radio station.

Playstation 5 natively supports the music streaming services Spotify and Apple Music, and this feature carries over to Playstation VR 2. Make sure you've turned off the in-game music beforehand.

By the way: Did you know you can use the PS5's voice control to skip to the next song by voice command? Alternatively, you can also control Spotify from your smartphone. Just select the PS5 as your output device.


Quest 2: Spotify support still missing

One drawback is that PSVR 2 does not have a hardware volume control. In this case, I recommend getting Sony's Pulse 3D wireless headset, which should fit snugly over the VR headset's headband and provide much better sound than the included in-ear headphones.

What is common for PC VR users and is also supported by Playstation VR 2, is still missing in Meta Quest 2. We do not know the reason for this. The lack of Spotify support could be due to technical reasons or simply Spotify's unwillingness to release a dedicated app for Meta Quest 2.

So far, I have been able to listen to my own music through my Airpods Pro. I hear the sound of the VR game through the built-in speakers and the transparency mode of the in-ear headphones. This is far from an optimal solution.

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